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Kilburn State Of Mind (KSOM) have been open and operating since August 2019. We  have seen an amazing response to the facility from residents, community, organisations and Brent council alike. I.T. There has been a great response to the IT training and 'drop in' help days. Mainly assisting elderly residents. To date we have given 42 personal tuition sessions to residents and community members. This service has only been visually advertised within the Watling gardens estate, there have been some members of the Kilburn community also seeking help and tuition. Numbers. 12 residents. 16 community members. 42 individual sessions held. Music. Following the I.T training, a music teaching and production facility has been established in the adjoining room of the old office. Free piano, guitar and production lessons are available to all the residents of Watling gardens. There has been a small delay with the launching of some of the lessons as we look for volunteers/funding in order to deliver these effectively to the large amount of interest that we have received. However we have already hosted guitar and production lessons and help to several residents and community members and we currently have 26 people including 18 residents on the list for lessons which will fully begin in February 2020. In the coming weeks the service will be in full flow and will be hosting music lessons and workshops 3 days per week and will also continue with two 'drop in' days for I.T help. KSOM will continue to plan activities and community events through out the forthcoming year. KSOM currently has 4 volunteers working very hard to promote and establish the charity. Numbers. (inc list) 22 Residents. 14 Community members. Charity status. Kilburn State of Mind has recently been promoted and established as a charity or a CIO (Community Interest Organisation) due to the educational and charitable work that is being undertaken. After close scrutiny and investigation during application 'The charity commission' recognises Kilburn State Of Mind as a community asset and a charity service. The services have been endorsed and applauded by several Brent council departments and local community organisations. Kilburn state of mind have been invited to create several musical events by the team leading Brent borough of culture organisations. It is a belief that this service has already and will continue to hugely benefit the residents of Watling gardens and community in Kilburn. Twitter: @KIlburnMind Instagram: @KilburnStateOfMind Benefitting organisations and affiliations. KSOM have assisted and worked with Watling TMO : *Planning community events for the forthcoming year such as 'Watling culture fayre'. *Providing musicians and equipment to take part in Christmas carol singing day. *Providing entertainment, facilities and professionals for residential and development open day. The facilities have been used to assist and aid the development of other local community organisations such as : * Brent LBOC 2020 team * Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. * Community Choir group. * Dementia cafe. * TMO board meetings. * St Pauls girls School * Willesden jewish cemetery

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