Kilburn State Of Mind is a registered charity (1187381).

We are based in the housing estate of Watling Gardens in Kilburn, North West London.

We offer a learning resource and community centre to the residents and local community.

Within this facility we teach skills with I.T, computing and a range of music disciplines such as piano and guitar lessons and music production.

These facilities and tutoring are free of charge to the residents and local community.


The activities we provide help people improve their skills and prospects in life, we have a whole range of people who attend, e.g. children, young people, young mothers, elderly people and jobseekers etc. 

As well as helping them improve their prospects in life we help reduce isolation and loneliness, and promote better physical and mental health. 

We also host local community groups such as a 'dementia meeting & craft making group', a counselling group and a local choir group. These are also free services.

We like to think we make it very easy for users to come along and work at their own speed in order to achieve their objectives.

Piano Lessons



Inequalities and Poverty in Brent. After studying recent reports undertaken to improve lives in Brent, including, “A fairer future, ending poverty in Brent” and “Borough plan, building a better Brent” Some of the figures are alarming and with the outbreak of COVID-19 worsening situations and exposing already obvious inequalities in the borough. We are eager to assist in these improvements that urgently need to be made.


In Brent a third of people live in poverty, including 43 percent of children, and 15 percent of families. We are committed and focused on challenging and balancing racial inequality in Brent, especially with BAME.

BAME represents around 65% of Brent. In the light of recent movements and socially wide acknowledgement to this very obvious problem which is ongoing we intend to pay attention to communities that do not have the opportunities as others. Within a very unequal society, recent years of austerity have had severe consequences for those on the lowest incomes.


The coronavirus made an already critical situation far worse. In this extract from the report 'A fairer future' stating improvements that Brent are committed to making with digital inclusion: clear to see that the services we are offering are of very much of need right now.


From the report 'A fairer future' : "The pandemic has further highlighted the degree to which digital exclusion is affecting those on low incomes. Having lost their jobs due to the pandemic, many people who do not own a smart phone and have no access to the internet have been unable to apply for Universal Credit as applications for this benefit can only be made online. Furthermore, many children are unable to do their schoolwork/homework



Residents and community people have demonstrated a need for internet facilities, some don’t have computers, some have phones, tablets, laptops but have low level skills, which they would like to develop.


We also offer free Piano, Guitar, Singing and songwriting tuition to community and residents.

We use local music tutors to help with learning which helps people to develop their skills and develop their confidence and self esteem. We have had an extraordinary response from residents since opening and we have already engaged around 70 people,  most of them returning for more support/involvement.


We have a whole range of people who attend, e.g. children, young mothers, elderly people, jobseekers etc.


Alan Medley - General Manager, Coordinator, Tutor

Kate Gleeson - Media Manager, Coordinator, Tutor

Alexander Blake-Pink - I.T. Specialist, Web Design, Tutor

Ray Wells - Trustee

Anna Ferrie - Trustee